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The Whole Hole

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Welcome to the world of fumblejoys

...give your imagination a twist and your giggle juice a spin, then come into the whole hole, come on in...

Enjoy fumblejoys Carrotoyd and Yellowjoy as, with the help of Poppy and her pets Lucy the dog, Turnip the cat and friends, they solve a few unique and not so unique problems.

Written and Illustrated by Barbara Pine

Product details:

  • Soft cover: 74 pages
  • Dimensions: W210mm x H210mm
  • Extra's: Sticker sheet included
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Some fumblejoys characters

Customer Reviews

Review by  Wendy
(posted on Jul 10, 2013)
Thank you so much, this is fabulous, its exactly the sort of book I would have trolled through for hours as a kid, completely fascinated by the images.

I wish I had kids at home, but I’m a big kid and will keep it – lucky I am not a kid, cause the stickers in the back would have been perfect to stick on my bedroom furniture and walls :-)
Review by  leslie
(posted on Feb 09, 2013)
Just gorgeous, both my grandaughters love it!
Review by  Kay
(posted on Jun 13, 2012)
I just had to let you know that I had my grandson Levi staying the afternoon and night with me on Sunday. He insists on the Whole Hole being read to him as part of his afternoon nap, aged 2½, and then when I went to check on him later he was sitting up in bed and reading it to himself. A great hit!
Review by  L Phillips
(posted on Oct 07, 2011)
When it comes to storytelling and illustration, author/artist, Barbara Pine, possesses a thoroughly unique and captivating style.
Her collection of characters, stories and models has grown over many years, coming together in 2011 to produce her first published book - “The Whole Hole, a fumblejoys sidecar story”.
Taking leave from the rigours of structured paragraphs and orderly columns, The Whole Hole explores the possibilities of cause and effect in such a way that this book appeals to adult humour as much as it cleverly entertains and educates children of all ages.
The conundrum of discovering a ‘hole’ sets off a myriad levels to the story line, each presenting quirky human traits, personalities, reactions and even a little bit of indifference. The use of beautiful pastel shades throughout the book generates peace and calm, even on the busiest pages. Plus, tucked into the back of the book is a delightful sticker sheet full of characters from the story.
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