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The Mystery of the Missing Artefact

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Book 2 in the Series The Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell

The Mystery of the Missing Artefact, follows the adventures of young teenager, Josephine Mary Cresswell, and is set on the Coromandel in the 1950s. In the course of the story, which is set against a background of actual events, Josephine unearths the fact that her family history is bound up with that of local Maori, and that her forbear was a famous Maori warrior. Strange things begin to happen when Josephine seeks to unravel the mystery of the missing artefact and discovers an ancient curse which has haunted her family for many years. A riveting mystery story with plenty of twists will appeal to readers 10-14 years and also adults who enjoy the nostalgia of an era gone by.

This book is the second in the series the Adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell, the first being Danger at Devil’s Cove which won a Gold Medal Award at the New Zealand Pride in Print awards 2010.

Written by Marilyn J Bakker

Illustrated by Reuben Horn

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Customer Reviews

Review by  lzzy
(posted on Aug 01, 2012)
ANother great read from an amazing author. The children always love reading another adventure from Marilyn Bakker.
Review by  Word Wizard
(posted on Jun 19, 2012)
Even adults will love the continuing adventures of Josephine Mary Cresswell. Set on the Coromandel Coast in the 1950s it combines adventure with intrigue, relationships and Maori lore. A riveting story, it would suit being read aloud to children. Well written and setting a brisk pace, The Mystery of the Missing Artefact is also a beautifully presented and formatted book, making it an ideal gift for any young member of the family.
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