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Smart Marketing

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An essential guide for smaller businesses

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Marketing is a battle fought in the minds of your customers. This book unravels how customers think and make decisions and shows you how to use this to increase sales and improve bottom line profit.

Smart Marketing shows you how to:

  • Identify new customers that are most likely (and willing) to buy from you
  • Understand how they make buying decisions and how to use this to your advantage
  • Build a compelling marketing pitch that sets you apart from competitors and enables you to sell at a premium price
  • Develop a cost-effective promotional programme using the latest online and social platforms as well as traditional media

By applying the proven concepts of Need Satisfaction Marketing™ any business owner or manager can create a powerfully different and successful brand. This book offers a logical and easily understood planning process, illustrated with real-life examples and practical models.

It’s a toolbox of valuable resources enabling the reader to build and manage their own brand. Plus, readers get exclusive access to additional free marketing resources, tools and planning templates on the author's website -

Written by Wayne Attwell

The National Business Review says, "This book is a must for business owners who know they need to think about their brand but don't know where to start." Read the full review here.

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 280 pages
  • Bulk order discount available for 5 or more books: Please contact us for bulk orders

Customer Reviews

Review by  Bob S
(posted on Dec 20, 2013)
As a non-marketing person I found the content to be very understandable. The suggested process of developing a marketing and brand strategy is easy to follow and makes a lot of sense, and I particularly enjoyed the reference to real life examples. I've just started to work on some of the ideas from the book and am looking forward to seeing how my own marketing improves.
Review by  Sandra Clark
(posted on Aug 18, 2013)
With Smart Marketing, Wayne Attwell delivers on his promise of a practical guide to marketing for small businesses. The concept of Need Satisfaction Marketing is presented in clear, everyday language, and explained step by step in a process that can be readily followed by readers who have no marketing experience. Wayne's simple formula for building a successful marketing strategy is made relevant with lively examples drawn from real businesses, and is written with a light touch, sprinkled with plenty of humour that keeps the reader engaged right through to the end.
Review by  Petr Adamek
(posted on Aug 18, 2013)
Phenomenal. Smart Marketing is a highly practical book with tons of examples that illustrate how the presented tools of Need Staisfaction Marketing work in reality. Wayne uncovers in an easy to follow way how customer decissions are a manifestation of human mind processes. In my opinion the book demystifies marketing for small businesses and provides the readers with confidence that they can go ahead and start generating more business today. If you have a small business, work on a start-up or spin - off project and customer acquisition and retention is important for you this is a must read (and must follow) book!
Review by  Sootwan
(posted on Aug 17, 2013)
An excellent book. Practical, pragmatic and easy to follow. Highly recommend it to any business wanting to make a real difference to their marketing.
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