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Bomber Barron

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Bomber Barron - Wing Commander James Fraser Barron

DSO & Bar, DFC, DFM, Pathfinder Pilot

Wing Commander fraser Barron, a New Zealand airman, flew 79 bombing raids over Nazi-held Europe before he died in anaerial collision over Le Mans, France, in May 1944, just prior to the Normandy landings.

Fraser became a legend in his own lifetime. Within three years he received a 'full house' - Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and Bar, Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM), and was promoted from Sergeant to Wing Commander.

Fraser was an outstanding bomber captain, whose skill, bravery, determination and complete disregard for his personal safety, were paramount. He was one of those young airmen who never showed fear, and didn't know when to call it quits.

At the time, bomber crews were living on a knife edge - every raid was a life and death situation. Their fears were well founded; over 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew were killed, over half of all who served.

Bomber Barron is a story of a young man's courage, frustration, and at times, desperation. Anyone who flew 79 operations survived because they were superb pilots with accomplished crews - and unbelievably lucky!

This attractive landscape book has over 80 photographs and illustrations.

Written by Richard Stowers

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 156 pages
  • Dimensions: W 265mm  x H 210mm


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