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Whatever Happened to Milo

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When her parents decided to put her little kitten Milo into a cattery while they went on a sailing holiday, Miss Lucy threw a temper tantrum.

“If Milo’s not allowed to come on the yacht I’m not going either.”

Granddad saved the day. He found a cat harness for Milo to wear at sea.

Now what could possibly go wrong?

Based on a true story with a lively touch of imagination, Whatever Happened to Milo is a thoroughly enjoyable read for independent readers aged 7-12 years and/or reading to children aged 5 years plus.

A family treasure to pass through the generations. Proceeds from the sale of these books go to UNICEF as the author is a long term supporter of this aid organisation.

Written by Claire Bunt 

Illustrated by Philip Webb

Customer Reviews

Review by  Bubby
(posted on Apr 21, 2016)
Fabulous gift for parents and grandparents to buy for their children and grandchildren. It is so beautifully illustrated, bound and presented it is what I would term as a heritage book that can be passed on through the generations. It is a lovely 'read to me ' story book which adults can chuckle along with. My grand kids just love it. I gave a copy to my elderly sister who loves cats and she loves it. She reads the book at night to give herself a lift before going to sleep as she says it makes her feel happy.
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