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Three Title Combo Pack

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Three Title Combo Pack

Available for a limited time

Go Murph! Go-Kart to V8 Supercar: As a young go-kart, Murph's mind is brimming with dreams of a future on the raceway... Fast cars, hot summer days and cheering crowds! But how will this future unfold? Join the children of Hamilton West School on the reollercoaster journey of Greg Murphy's early days on the race scene.

Written by Hamilton West School Students

Illustrated by John McMechan and Pauline Beckers

Water under the bridge:

A collection of Waikato Times Columns capturing humour, anger, concern, sadness and nostalgia. The subjects are diverse, ranging from ructions at City Hall, to a boxing match at Las Vegas, to the pleasures of drinking latte at a pavement cafe.

Written by Gordon Chesterman

Half of Us: Ben's emotional tool belt suddenly slipped from around his waist and silently fell to the floor. Ben's life had been good! It wasn't perfect, never faultless, sometimes a bit traumatic, but good. Everything had been fixable; everything had been possible until that day. He had worked hard to feed the family, the wife and the kids were happy enough, so he thought. What could have gone wrong?

Written by Noel Rodgers

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