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The O'Reillys in New Zealand

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Irishman Philip O’Reilly came to New Zealand in 1879, seeking a new and better life away from the grinding poverty of his homeland. A decade later he married Rose O’Donnell, and together they raised a family of 13 children. Now, nearly 125 years later, almost 1000 descendants are spread throughout the country and around the world.
This is the story of those early pioneers, the reason for the migration to New Zealand, and the family they produced. It is told largely by their grandchildren, many of them now in their later years.
And it is a story of hardship, close family ties, joy, sadness, and, inevitably, much Irish fun and laughter. It is a history that will appeal to all members of the wider O’Reilly clan, no matter how slight the connection to the family. It will also appeal to many others, as a tale of family closeness in times of both adversity and happiness.
The book, of 200 pages, is liberally illustrated with 170 photos of early family members and later family reunions.

Written by Kingsley Field

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  • Soft Cover
  • 200 pages

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