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THE FOREMANS Plastics Manufacturers of Hamilton, 1940-1995

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Author David Coy has skilfully combined the personal stories of the Foremans with the history and development of Plastic Products and Trigon to produce a
compelling account of vision and ingenuity.

Two men put a modest New Zealand town firmly on the map in the development of the plastics industry in the twentieth century.
They were Mortie Foreman and his son Bill, and this is the story of the manufacturing businesses they started in Hamilton nearly 70 years ago.
Plastic Products and Trigon spanned two generations and went from making plastic dolls in a converted garage to manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced packaging in state-of-the-art plants in three countries.
The Foremans and their companies were pioneers in the plastics industry – the dolls produced in the early 1940s were one of New Zealand’s first non-agricultural exports.
Later on, the hi-tech plastic packaging produced in the 1980s enabled the country’s meat industry to add value by exporting
chilled and frozen cuts instead of whole carcasses, and Trigon then developed plastic envelopes which became the standard for the air courier and banking industries worldwide.

Written by David Coy

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  • Soft cover: 120 pages
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