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The 13th Zodiac
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  • Did you ever wonder what the meaning of life is?
  • Do you feel the world is not Black and White, but in Colour with some sections missing that you can't quite put your finger on or find the answers to?
  • Did you ever want to read a storyline that doesn't stop at Death but crosses over to the other side to shine some light and meaning on your ultimate purpose?
  • Would you like to read one of the longest rhyming stories ever written?

The 13th Zodiac is the untold mythology about one unlucky man's epic journey from the very beginning of his essence as you follow him through the obstacles he faces on both sides of the sky along the road to his awaiting destiny.

While unraveling how things can happen for a reason, the possible meaning of life, a new definition to deja vu, and intertwining past mythology's together with other familiar traditions and fairy tale origins along the way,

this 'on the edge of your seat', mind gripping tale filled with ancient songs and mythical enchantments also shows you how any one person can make a difference to the world,

on this side or the other.

Written by Cody Walker

Customer Reviews

Review by  Kaz Shatford
(posted on May 22, 2016)
Worth a read. The memoirs of a fellow kiwi, illuminated in a uniquely beautiful way that both captivates and holds the readers conscious through the depth of his being... His words resonate with my own life journey, leaving me feeling less alienated in this world, whilst gently reminding me of how far I've come.
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