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Te Reo Singalong Book 1 - Maranga Mai!
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** Finalist - Māori Language Awards 2012 **

This children’s picture book is in te reo Māori. It includes a song CD. No prior knowledge of te reo Māori is required by the children or adults using the book. The story/song is about waking up on the farm. By putting on the song CD and opening the book, the reader can join in with the song and hear the animal sounds as they enjoy the book. The back of the book contains a pictorial glossary, English words for the song, guitar chords and a list of extension ideas for parents and teachers. The book is Book 1 in a series called Te Reo Singalong.

Written by Sharon Holt

Illustrated by Deborah Hinde

Product details:

Soft cover with singalong CD

Also see Book 2 and Book 3 or purchase as a set

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