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Set of 6 Preschool Activity Books for 5 year olds
Sale price: $33.00 NZD

Set of six titles from the Preschool ABC Series.

- Adventures With Books

- Bible Pictures to Color

- Counting With Numbers

- Do It Carefully

- Everywhere We Go

- Finding the Answers

This Rod and Staff Preschool A-B-C Series provides the answer to the preschooler's question, "What can I do?" with constructive materials to use at home with parental guidance in preparation for school.

Five 64-page workbooks, plus a storybook, give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, learning numbers, recognizing letters, and following directions. The 135-page storybook has pictures, oral questions, and Bible memory. This series provides constructive exercises for the development of visual, auditory, mental, motor, and oral skills.

Each book includes instructions for the parents. There are also ideas for discussion to call the child's attention to the many everyday things that will help rivet the concepts being taught.

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