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Mary's Two Grandmas Part B - Mary's Grandma Wallis

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Mary Ann Wallis lost her first husband, John Coster in the Wairua Massacre, leaving her a widow with a new baby at nineteen and on the other side of the world from her family. With the help of others she recovered and later married Richard Wallis. Together they raised a family of eleven children but also started Hulmers, the Motueka Children’s Orphanage using an unexpected inheritance from England. For over thirty years they looked after and bought up 170 other children in a time when there was no social welfare or support for society’s outcasts. This extraordinary couple believed in living Christian action and were true heros of early New Zealand.

This book is a history of the Nelson region told through one family’s eyes. Many references, maps, photo albums, newspaper cuttings, interviews, letters and books have contributed to it.

On the enclosed CD are many of the references and photos used along with a full family tree. If you have anything else to add please send it to:

Also see Mary's Two Grandmas Part A

Written by Kath Woodley

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  • Soft Cover: 153 pages
  • CD included

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