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Mary's Two Grandmas Part A - Mary's Grandma Bryant

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The Bryant Family had no idea what life in New Zealand would be like. Nothing in their education or upbringing had prepared them for the hardships they would endure. Throughout Anne Mary Bryant’s life - including having 14 children and an invalid husband - her strong faith, Christian commitment and work ethic kept her family and loved ones striving to be valuable members of society. In an era where woman’s work was undervalued, Anne Mary’s outstanding contribution of thirty years school teaching in River Terrace and Brightwater must stand as a tribute to her. 

This book is a history of the Nelson region told through one family’s eyes. The stories written by Mary Anne Henderson (Wallis) Woodley, recollections, maps, 200 photos, newspaper cuttings, interviews, and letters have contributed to it.

On the enclosed CD are references, full versions of the recollections and photos used along with a full family tree. If you have anything else to add please send it to:

Also see Mary's Two Grandmas Part B

Written by Kath Woodley

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  • Soft Cover: 100 pages
  • CD included

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