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If I'd Only Known I'd Live This Long

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Do you want to live a long and active life? Do you want to give yourself every chance to be healthy and fit enough to enjoy doing things with your grandchildren?

This book is a collection of tips and advice from people who have lived well into their 80’s, 90’s and 100’s. It’s a must read for anyone who plans to live a long time and enjoy it.

You’ll discover:

  • How many of your lifestyle choices today can make a huge difference later in your life.
  • What types of exercise are the most important as you get older.
  • How sensible eating means you might actually lose weight as you age.
  • How to design a life that inspires you to get out of bed with energy every morning.
  • How you can be a person people enjoy being with.

This book is divided into sections, with one topic per page relative to that section, and heavily illustrated with pictures and quotes as seen on the cover.

Written by David Beard

Product Details:

  • Hard cover: 175 pages
  • Dimensions: W 148mm  x H148mm

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