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Eat the Wind - Revised Edition

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First published in September 2014, Eat the Wind was revised and published again in August 2015.

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In 1997, Robin Sisley offered refuge to ten newly mustered wild stallions that were destined for slaughter. Although inexperienced and certainly not a thrill-seeker, she was spurred by compassion to help them.

The stallions' acute intelligence and beauty inspire her to continue taking in and learning how to tame, then train, scores of New Zealand's wild Kaimanawa horses, providing for all kinds of unexpected and exiting episodes. To Robin's delight the horses respond to her in surprising ways.

The resulting story, Eat the Wind, is the compelling true account of a woman whose passion overcame her fears, and allowed for remarkable experiences and interactions with these intriguing animals.

Eat the Wind shares the unconventional and evolving journey of transformation for both Robin and the wild horses...

Humorous, tender, and inspirational, this story is chock-full of struggles and setbacks, chaos and triumph, and most importantly, tenacity, trust and love. Eat the Wind is an uplifting memoir you will never forget.

Written by Robin Sisley