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Cobber Kain

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Cobber Kain - Kiwi Fight Ace Extraordinaire

The story of the legendary NZ fighter pilot extraordinaire during WW2.


"Throughout the Battle of France, Cobber Kain's ability as a fighter pilot had become legendary. With a flying ability second to none, Cobber, known to his family and close friends as Eddie, was driven forward by a passion which seemed to override all instincts of self-preservation. In the hectic fighting over France, he became a terror of the skies every time he stepped into a cockpit." (book extract)

A Kiwi wartime hero, claiming up to 18 victories in the Battle of France 1939-40.

Official DFC citation: "In March, 1940, while on patrol with another aircraft, Flying Officer Kain sighted seven enemy bombers about 5000 feet above him, and while giving chase well into Germany, he was attacked from behind by an enemy fighter. Showing the finest fighting spirit, this officer out-manoeuvred the enemy and although his own aircraft was badly damaged he succeeded in bringing the hostile aircraft down. Thick smoke and oil fumes had filled his cockpit and although unable to see his compass, he skilfully piloted his aircraft inside allied lines in spite of being choked and blinded by the smoke."

Sequel to "Bomber Barron".

An attractive book with 200 landscape pages plus cover. Has over
130 exquisite photographs - many full page.

An excellent read

Written by Richard Stowers

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 200 pages
  • Dimensions: W 265mm  x H 210mm


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