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Becoming Money Wise

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Proven Strategies for Taking Control of Your Money

Financial literacy is at the root of most family challenges, as young adults are growing up, earning money and yet have no idea how to get ahead of the financial treadmill they find themselves on of money in-money out and nothing left over.   While there are other great books on finance, investment and on how and why most people either don’t make it or they explore the reasons why some people are successful – Phil Strong believes there are fundamental issues not being addressed as to how the basics need to be dealt with before moving ahead to better understanding where to put your money when you have some spare.   This book is all about taking control of your money and financial habits, getting clear of debt in order to have a great lifestyle. 

Written by Phil Strong with Josh Moore

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: W 148mm x H 210mm

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