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An In-Law or an Outlaw

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“Things would be just perfect if it wasn’t for her!”

Mother and daughter –in-laws have one thing in common – the son and husband who unites them in the relationship of being a family. To one woman, the man will always be ‘her boy’, and to the other, he will always be ‘her man’. They just need to learn how best to fit into each other’s lives and, well, share him.

This is a delightful and light-hearted look at what makes a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s relationship special. It’s also a glimpse into how many women who share the common bond of loving the same man and seeing him in entirely different ways have learned to form mutual bonds of affection and even forge deep friendships with each other.

Whether you are a mother of sons, or a woman in love with another woman’s son, this book will make you laugh, and maybe even re-think some of the best ways to really appreciate the ‘other woman’ in your man’s life.

Written by Bronnie Bennett

Product Details:

  • Hard cover: 150 pages
  • Dimensions: W 148mm x H 170mm

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