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A Series of Small Explosions

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This is a humorous book about a young man's cars and what he did with them during his teenage years.

It may make you laugh - if you are a normal fun loving human being.

It may make you 'wild as hell' - if you are an intolerant, 'new age' misery who doesn't know the meaning of fun.

Written by Maurice O'Reilly

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 150 pages
  • Dimensions: W 150mm x H 210mm

Customer Reviews

Review by  Zippy
(posted on Jun 19, 2012)
A great read about the fun of life in and around cars. I've re-read it recently and enjoyed it as much the second time. I have given away many copys to friends as presents and many have come back to ask where to purchase more for other friends. it is that good! Don't just buy it because it's from NZ buy it because it'll have you howling with laughter!
Review by  Angela
(posted on Jun 15, 2012)
I don't get much time for reading lately but when my husband was chuckling while reading this book I just had to have a read. I wasn't disappointed. It's the best piece of humour and mischief I have read for a long time and have since bought numerous copies for family and friends. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy.
Review by  Madam4th
(posted on Jun 13, 2012)
A superb read for anyone with a sense of humor. Even better if you like cars and getting into mischief.
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